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"LyonSHARE has been Zillow’s incredible partner for nearly 8 years – assisting our communications efforts from early days through critical stages of growth, including our IPO. Dawn and the team are completely integrated with ours with a level of trust and respect I've never had with an agency before."
— Amy Bohutinsky, Chief Marketing Officer, Zillow

LyonSHARE Communications is a boutique-size strategic communications firm with a big punch, drawing on a team of pros who have been around the block and who have the insight and experience to handle the toughest communications challenges through to the most creative consumer campaigns. The firm was founded by Dawn Lyon, who spent 16 years running in-house PR departments and programs before creating the “non-agency” model she always wanted as the client.

Our Approach

"LyonSHARE really is an extension of our internal team – they are immersed in our business and are dedicated to our success. No other agency that we’ve worked with has the combination of top-tier communications strategy and media results that the LyonSHARE team provides."
— Bryan Trussel, Co-founder and CEO, Glympse

  • Results, Trust and Integrity.

    Let’s face it: it doesn’t matter how great an agency’s reputation is if the team handling your account doesn’t have game. LyonSHARE has attracted some of the best and brightest from big agencies and reputable companies, large and small, and we have no turnover. That’s because we’re grownups with an entrepreneurial spirit, and we do what it takes to generate results that matter – across time zones and international borders. Many of us have worked together more than a decade and we know each other’s strengths – and weaknesses – and how to best leverage our combined assets to deliver maximum results.

  • Partnership, pure and simple.

    We’re not at our best if we are not entrenched as partners in our clients’ businesses. And, we’re proud of how long these partnerships last – most of our clients are long-term, going on 5-7 years. We aren’t constantly trolling for new business, and we certainly don’t try and win accounts then “figure out how to staff them” like so many agencies do. We come to the table with the team you’ll work with, and we’re only going to pitch your business if we are excited about working on it. Period.

  • Transparency – dollars and sense.

    We keep it simple; we don’t work on retainer; and, with LyonSHARE, you get what you pay for. We work with our partners to create strategic communications programs aligned with business and marketing objectives – and budgets. You get complete transparency into our activity-based planning, and we constantly share how we are tracking. In fact, each month with your invoice, you’ll get a reconciliation between budget and actuals so you always know where we stand. Dawn hated those “surprise” bills as a client and she refuses to operate that type of firm.

Our Wheelhouse

"LyonSHARE has been an incredible partner, providing Glassdoor with an outstanding PR program, ongoing media support, and social media outreach - all at a cost level we could never hope to achieve with a large agency."
— Robert Hohman, Founder & CEO. Glassdoor

We love working with executives on strategy all the way through to execution – and we’ve done it all. From bootstrapped startups to growing midsized firms on the IPO path through to taking companies public and running in-house communications divisions of Fortune 100 companies. Our sweet spot lies in mobile, Internet and cross-platform consumer technology, although we have experience in a wide range of sectors, across every communications practice, including:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Media Relations
  • Guerilla Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Media Tours/Fam Trips
  • Corporate Communications
  • Financial Communications
  • Public Affairs
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Advocacy Building

  • Investor Relations
  • Influencer Relations
  • Industry Relations
  • Internal Communications
  • Spokesperson Training


The Team

  • Dawn Lyon

    Founder & Advisor

    Dawn has been running communications departments and programs for more than two decades. She began her career in-house… See more…

  • Mel Bolton

    Managing Partner

    With nearly 15 years of public relations experience, Mel has a broad base of communications and editorial skills in the B2C and B2B arenas. See more…

  • Kate Sullivan

    Vice President (New York)

    Kate Sullivan brings 20 years of experience as a communications practitioner working for public, agency and governmental organizations. See more…

  • Kathie Gonzalez

    Account Director (New York)

    Kathie Gonzalez is a senior communications strategist with more than 16 years of corporate and agency experience spanning a variety of… See more…

  • Laura Lowery

    Account Director (Seattle)

    With more than 17 years experience, Laura Lowery is a skilled communications practitioner, providing strategy… See more…

  • Sarah Mann

    Account Director (Seattle)

    Sarah Mann has built upon her bachelor’s in Communications from the University of Washington with more than a decade of public… See more…

  • Mia Casey Sachs

    Vice President (Chicago)

    Mia Casey Sachs has more than 20 years of experience in communications marketing developing strategic programs… See more…

  • Andy Leaf

    Sr. Account Executive (San Francisco)

    Andy supports LyonSHARE’s client portfolio in a variety of ways, including media relations, research, and administration. See more…

  • Kellie Samson

    Account Director (Bay Area)

    Kellie Samson has nearly 15 years of public relations experience in both agency and in-house settings working with a variety of…See more…

  • Anna Gralinska Schram

    Vice President (Bay Area)

    Anna brings over a decade of financial and corporate communications experience to her consulting projects. Her background…See more…

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1517 North Point St. #469, San Francisco, CA 94123